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Monday, October 26, 2020

Spain mon amour

The exhibition ‘Spain mon amour’, presented for the first time at the 13th Architecture Biennial of Venice, reviews recent Spanish architecture through fifteen works in fifteen different cities, completed by five studios and represented by five prominent photographers. The works are explained by architecture students holding models, celebrating architectural quality and at the same time conveying the current concerns and hopes of the youngest members of a profession in crisis. On the one hand, the installation makes reference to the classical iconography of mythological figures, saints, bishops, kings, patrons or architects carrying models of the works they promote, design or donate; on the other hand, it evokes contemporary performances where labor is used with a critical, pedagogical or altruistic purpose. ‘Spain mon amour’ is the celebration of a period, its architects and its buildings, but also an elegy for a time that has come to an end, a manifesto against a dislocated present and an invitation to think the future in a different way.

Spain mon amour
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